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i contracted a mr.WilliamB0WEN who represented himself as a contractor.

he was working without a license took $16,000 from me and never completed the contract and everything that was done has had to be redone to make it correct. if anyone trys to solicit work make sure they show you their license,not only did he not complete the work he did a great deal of damage to my home. i was taken advantage of and hope this prevents someone else from having to go through the heartache i experienced.

he also bullied me when i told him that i wanted to check the work before giving him his last payment.HE IS FROM BETHANY CT.HE ALSO GOS UNDER THE NAME BRUSHWORKS

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now that spring is here just wanted to make sure that knowone gets scammed by the above

bowens reply tells it all he could not prove that all that was said was not true so he answered just like a child would sticks and stones etc etc. i still would like mr.

bowen to explain why he did not install breakfast nook which was included in bowen was paid for the contract but did not complete it///////


the last comment i listed william bowen, but i composed the letter


mr bowen was arrested for working without a liscense and he did not satisfy the listed remodel and repair on the contract. shame on you slander is when someone states things that are untrue anyone can go the court system in new haven and look up the record i am still having to pay extra money for the work that has to be redone toilet, leak wax seal not put in properly, tiles coming up in both bathroom and kitchen, plumbing under kitchen sink had to be redone as there was constant backup into side sink--had to have plumber because when grabage disposal was put in the (SO CALLED PLUMBER)did not know that he had to push out a piece for the dishwasher to be able to drain this is just a tip of the iceberg,also there was suppossed to be a breakfast nook put in that was listed in contract, that was not done. again i say you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia #121776

Please stop slandering My name.I am licensed, I finished your job.

I understand that you wanted some more chains and leather installed into your dungeon of pain, But our contract did not call for that. i have done everything I can to satisfy you, Short of using the latex suit.

So please leave me alone.Good luck with your new business venture of "Bills house of ***"

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